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I made a list of small things that bring me great joy the other day. I thought I would share, since we all need a little joy these days:

Bubble baths. Sitting on my front porch. A fresh pot of coffee. A summer rainstorm. A lazy Sunday. A mid-day snooze. A kiss on the cheek. Sunflowers. Clean sheets. The first page of a new journal. Watching Almost Famous. A good book. A big & bright full moon. A hot pink sunset. Deep conversation. A swing. A glass of red wine at the end of the day. A great song coming on the radio in your car. Belly-laughs. Giggle fits. Harvesting tomatoes and peppers from my garden. Tie-dying. Dance parties in our kitchen. Singing with my Dad and my sister. A new candle. When something fits perfectly into a container it wasn’t made for. A bear hug (I think we all need one). Blowing bubblegum as big as my face without it getting all over my face. Old mix CD’s. Sidewalk chalk. When little kids say big words in their tiny voices. A candid photo. Getting back disposable pictures. Snail mail. Home videos. Seeing a ladybug. Seeing a butterfly. Singing at the top of my lungs. Talking to my plants. Wind chimes. First day of snow. Shorts with a sweatshirt. My hair in French braids. No bra. When my babe leaves me secret notes in my luggage. Sitting around a campfire. Lists of favorite things.