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We all have a responsibility this November (or hopefully several days before then) to make a weighted decision. That’s what your vote is–heavy. Important. Heard (so long as you make sure. you put it in the right ballot collection box). Don’t throw your arms up like last time and say there’s no good candidate. There are battles that people are fighting and your decision will either help or hurt them. So think about them if you have nothing that’s making your blood boil or hurting your own heart.  We are so divided as the United States of America that we have forgotten how similar we are to the person sitting next to us, uncomforably on a Covid-compliant plane. We all need one thing as human-beings and that is love and understanding. So don’t let hard conversations become silence. Don’t let your rose-colored glasses effeect your ability to see blue, and vice versa. We are represented by the colors on our flag but I think we all could use a little purple in our hearts.

just my thoughts.

peace & love.